Europe: Current Situation

In the current landscape, negative ramifications of the COVID-19 virus are being felt throughout the entire supply chain. The Contract Logistics operation for Warehousing and Distribution Management are no exceptions here. Less activities of manufacturing and retail shop sales has led to disruption at entire supply chain, as inventory levels being getting higher at suppliers, while the demand of supply for the goods particularly related to healthcare, medical and foods has been increasing. We can expect the coming months to continue this fluid trend. Our specialists are looking at creating full transparency throughout the supply chain and identifying opportunities in order to support our customers as flexibly and rapidly as possible. 

Many companies, our customers, are diversifying sources and looking for alternatives from which they procure their supplies, components or finished products. This will be a slow and tedious process and it entails redesigning possibly the entire supply chain. We are here to support and consult with our customers on new locations, reworking transportation routes and build alternative fulfilment capabilities to accommodate the changes. 

Contract Logistics Solutions during COVID-19

  • European network - Through our comprehensive operation network covering 14 European countries with 90 sites of total footprint over 1,000 K m2, we can provide a full range of contract logistics operation on warehousing, inventory management and cross docking activities which enables to make flexible solution for distribution to retailers, to reverse logistics, cold chain and other specialized transportation. 

Tailored Solutions

during  COVID-19

  • Warehousing solutions - Our dedicated and multi-user facilities are designed to manage your inventory, storage, reverse logistics, and distribution requirements effectively and swiftly. Among our facilities, we can support with located Distribution centres, temperature-controlled warehouses and consolidation centres, based on your business strategy from short term to long term.
  • Vendor Management Inventory and stock optimization - The value of the service we offer goes beyond an efficient inventory management and supply chain visibility. With warehouses and distribution centres strategically locations throughout Europe, we are able to support any changes and redesign of your current solutions.
  • Value added services - Consumers demand increasingly more customization and even in these times, we don’t compromise on quality, efficiency and flexibility; it is in our DNA.



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