Aerospace Logistics

Yusen Logistics helps the aerospace industry to leverage manufacturing and service capabilities around the globe

The aerospace industry is under extreme competitive pressures to maintain margins, achieve best value in manufacturing and to keep planes in service. All in an increasingly complex and regulated global market. In response, supply chain optimization has become a key strategy to speed processes and reduce costs in production, materials movement, maintenance, repair and overhaul operations.
Over the years, Yusen Logistics has become an important player in the global aerospace supply chain, streamlining the flow of parts, developing relationships with component vendors, and providing comprehensive AOG services. It is not by chance that we are certified with Aerospace Quality System Standard AS9001 and we are the first logistics company certified with Quality Management System for Aerospace parts JISQ-9100. And it is no surprise that we have invested in dedicated facilities, such as our Distribution Center in the heart of the Nagoya aerospace industry cluster.

Major aerospace market segments:

  • Airlines
  • Airframe OEMs
  • Engine OEMs
  • Parts Suppliers
  • Raw Material Suppliers
  • Aircraft's parts Trading Companies

Inbound manufacturing logistics – streamlining the flow of parts

Our experience, providing inbound logistics services to aerospace manufacturers for most of our history, brings real value to our customers. In a rapidly changing industry, you can also be confident that our aerospace logistics specialists will always be seeking new ways to help you improve efficiencies, synchronize the flow of parts with your manufacturing processes, enhance flexibility and drive down costs of production.

Specialized aviation industry transportation

The aviation industry requires the safe and efficient transportation of oversized and valuable goods. We have extensive experience in specialized aviation transportation, safely moving items such as airframe sub-assembly parts, engines, helicopters, brakes, landing gears and nacelles.

Aviation aftermarket logistics – spare parts and MRO

While carriers are also looking to trim costs, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) expenditures in an increasingly global landscape have become a dominant issue. At Yusen Logistics, we have the global reach and industry expertise to optimize your supply chain and transform your management of spare parts.

AOG services – keeping planes flying

Yusen Logistics has set up a dedicated team of AOG professionals, so you can be assured of getting critical spare parts, where you need them, as fast as you need them. That’s twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. And, as with aftermarket spares, we maintain complete visibility and traceability.

Kaizen innovation in the aerospace sector