Company Profile

Set to become one of the top five economies in the coming decades, Mexico has slowly but steadily grown into a manufacturing powerhouse. Our proximity to the United States and internal market growth has made it an attractive target for investors. This has been noticed by Yusen Logistics, who understands the demands and challenges that come with this progress by bringing its brand values and global network to the country. Our main focus is to provide integrated solutions on ground, air and sea transportation services, with a team of experts oriented to achieve cost optimization and timely delivery of your goods.

Yusen Logistics’ high expertise in optimizing your Supply Chain needs includes the following services:


Our diverse portfolio of services currently serves customers in the most important and dynamic industries like Automotive, Aeronautical, Textile, Retail, and much more!

With offices in the most important commercial and manufacturing areas in Mexico and strategically located close to Mexico's largest ports and the U.S. border crossing, Yusen Logistics Mexico delivers unmatched value. Our business is based on innovation, integrity and intensity, as well as a Kaizen philosophy focused on continuous improvement.

At Yusen Logistics we know the advantage of being where your business is, so please feel free to contact our team of experts.