Company History


1983: Yusen Air & Sea Service Co., Ltd. set up Taipei liaison office


1990: Yusen Air & Sea Service (Taiwan) Ltd. (hereafter YTW)
            is established. (Taipei, Taoyuan , Taichung, Kaohsiung)


1995: YTW set up Hsin-Chu office (located in Science Industry Park)


1998: NYK Logistics (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.(hereafter NLTW)  is established


1999: YTW Introduced "Tracing System" to Taiwan
           (ICSS-Integrated Customers Service System)


           NLTW build its own warehouse (13,200 square meters)
           near Taoyuan International Airport


2000: NLTW obtained Inland Trucking Transportation License


2002: YTW set up Taoyuan International Airport EGAC office
           (located in Eva Air Cargo Terminal)


2003: YTW awarded with IATA cargo agency certification
           also accredited ISO:9001 certification


2004: Taipei Customs office authorized NLTW to operate
           Autonomous Management Bonded Warehouse


           Yusen Sea Freight (Taiwan) Ltd. is merged to YTW


2005: YTW set up Taiwan Logistic Center in Taoyuan


2006: YTW set up Tainan office


2008: NLTW obtained ILC-International Logistics Center Certification
           and introduced "SSA Exceed" Warehouse Management System
            which links with 500 operation office of NYK Group


2011: YTW and NLTW Integrated and commencing operation under
            The new company name:
            Yusen Logistics (Taiwan) Ltd. . (hereafter YLTW)


2012: YLTW obtained AEO license on November 30, 2012